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 One thing I strive for when I teach is to convey to my students the importance of being wholeheartedly dedicated to learning this musical instrument that I have committed my life to learning. I love teaching and brings me much joy to see someone’s eyes light up when they reach a goal or begin to see their hard work and commitment come to be fully realized. Daily practice is one of the foundations that learning a new instrument stands on and I believe that without it, that foundation begins to crumble. With my guidance along with a student’s passion for learning is really a recipe for success and creating beautiful music is the end goal that will no doubt leave my students feeling fulfilled and their dedication rewarded. Lessons for children: I accept beginning and intermediate students, ages 4 and up. Violin lessons can help encourage a child’s confidence, self-discipline, and creativity, by working with them I have been given a holistic approach and perspective on Dr. Suzuki’s teaching methods. Research has shown that children who play music do better in school and make friends more easily. I would love to teach your child how to play violin with proper fingering and bowing technique; plus, they’ll learn the basics of music, including how to read music notation and play easy violin songs. "When Love is deep, much can be accomplished". -Schinichi Suzuki Adult Lessons: If you have never picked up a violin, you’ve just taken the first of hopefully many steps of a rewarding and fulfilling excursion with me as your personal guide. I hope to steer your interest and passion for such a magical instrument in the direction that is best suited for you.

30 minute lesson                                           $55.00

45 minute lesson                                           $80.00

60 minute lesson                                           $110.00

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